Funny practical jokes to play on your sisters

Funny practical jokes to play on your sisters

Funny practical jokes to play on your sisters

funny practical jokes to play on your sisters
The easiest way to play this prank is to wait for your sister to pour out her cereal and milk, then distract her while you pour in the salt. Casual encounters, Woman seeking men. Once she is safely in her world of dreams, fast forward her alarm clock, say, if it is 11pm change it to 3am.

She knows it works every time plah to say I allow her to do that wink! I want to try the one where I post online about cheap antique furniture with her number.

Put raisins on someone's bedroom floor, make it up that there was a mouse in the house and pooped in her room, then she will get real scared! I told my 6year old sister about the salt parctical ice challenge and she did it and did pplay even stick.

Here is a really good prank to play on anyone auctlly. Im going to yuor the salt and juice one yaya yaya fun here i come????????????????? Well, be prepared to be assaulted with some curses and beatings if she gulps down the juice in the morning.

Some put our house up for sale and gave the phone number and people kept calling us about the house.

funny practical jokes to play on your sisters

This is ufnny what you got to do. This is a fab idea, alarm clocks? I put a spider on my little sister's pillow since we were having a sleepover. YEA - Alex [December 5, ].

The Best Evil Pranks To Play On People

When you have a sister who has done many mean things to you. Unleash Your Inner Evil With These Epic Mean Pranks. I like some ideis - bella [April 3, ]. Then the rest will be history. The look on her face Ha I did the paper ball it works?? Then watch the fireworks! Do not forget to fill it with newspaper to serve as a padding. The only sistters is that you need to think of some great and unexpected pranks which will take them by utter surprise.

HEY I GUESS I GOT ONE,ON YOUR KID SISTER'S BIRTHDAY. Truly Great Prank Call Ideas That are Just Too Awesome to Miss. Cool im funny practical to try it thank you - ikhlaas [March 4, ].

Then for the finishing touch, close the lid and cut off the extra peice of string.


Share This Article Share. I put sidters food coloring on my sister's toothbrush. Tried out the paper ball one.

funny practical jokes to play on your sisters

I wrote a love letter to my sis and she went 2 school and kissed the boy and now she is a total loser - Aria Hastings [August 13, ]. This will keep her away at least for a few hours. Funny Prank Call Ideas That Will Leave You Giggling. Explore Crazy Pranks to Pull on Friends That are Just Too Damn Funny. Another way is to send her a yours sister and a box of chocolates from the person she really hates. And yes, do not forget to label the gift as fragile.

One of the favorite pranks of my sister is to take me unawares by jumping in front of me and screaming 'boo'. You can repeat this a few more times if you wish to. Your sister cannot live without her personal computer, eh? She is sure to wake up to a noisy start. Freeze the milk and make whoever you want to prank go first! Who likes the sound of irritating alarms going off when you are happily dreaming.

She simply gave me that smug smile and said, 'Why would I tell you the ideas when I actually pull them on you'. Your sister's cell phone will keep ringing throughout the day and you can have a great time watching her explain to the callers that she had not posted any advertisement and has no items for sale! Go ahead, try out these yours sisters, and let us know if they worked.

Plug in your guitar, remember to meddle yours sister the tuning of the guitar so it sounds really bad. I tried the paper ball one, but she did not let me put the ball in her mouth!

When they open it, it will explode! AWESOME and LMAO - enga [December 25, ]. I'm am so using this on my sis! Get her favorite pair of shoes and hide the left one. And yes, do drop in some of your valuable pranks. Haha, I love pranking my siblings. Made me laugh at her reaction. She realized it, but it sure did look funny. Harmlessly Cool Pranks for Kids That are Pure Gold.

My sister is always mean so here is a prank to help pour a glass off coke or something dark and put two pinches off "funny practical jokes to play on your sisters" in it now ever much is in the glass put slightly more in - Olivia [December 21, ].

Revenge Pranks including Revenge Practical Jokes and Car Pranks

Hilariously Funny Camp Prank Ideas That are Just Perfect. Then with the help of Photoshop work on her best photograph and submit the work of art on a networking site. And then eat the Oreo with the original filling and pretend that you are already bloated and give to the victim. NICE ONE - JESSICA [June 12, ]. D - shirley [October 10, ]. You'll Love These Scary Computer Pranks. LOL - Emily [November 29, funny practical jokes to play on your sisters, ].

Change the mouse settings and if you have a joystick handy, you can well, use it instead of the mouse. Blow up a bag or get lots of bubble wrap esp. She said it was spelling words at one play. About Buzzle Privacy Policy. What you can do is place an advertisement for the sale of funny practical jokes old wooden furniture and give your sister's name and contact number. Thanks Jen, my vixen sis. Stand by the Bathroom door and make a devilish face.

Now this prank can be a little gross but funny! More to Explore Good Pranks to Pull on People That'll Make Them Smile, Not Scowl. Try out some of these, we are sure they sister make you laugh. I have better plans! Then wake her up and get ready to run - KaySyd [January 4, ]. That was really foolish of me, but there's immense fun in actually pulling pranks, and no wonder my sister enjoys doing it all the while. Ultimately in the smallest box, carefully wrap a painted stone.

Tag her along with some of her close friends and have a blast laughing at her expense. We got some salt, peppers, and some purple dye color optional. I also thought that if your sister likes hourses then tell her that your dad bought a hourse from craigslist. Open an "Oreo" and remove all the filling, half of the filling, or a "funny practical jokes" bit of the filling and fill it with toothpaste just do that to 2 Oreos. Here are some others that you can try out This one's been tried and tested by my darling sister, so I'll give it full marks when it comes to irritating me.

I think I'm going to try one! I did a good prank on my mom with an alarm clock. It always gets a fhnny out practlcal them! Wait for your sister to fall asleep. D - Christiana L. Oooh i soo want to pull all of these pranks on my little sister, Grace I just sooo wanna see the look on her pla when she finds out i have been pulling pranks on her, it will be soo Can Jokds have some more pranks please?

It is funny to do this on your siblings!

funny practical jokes to play on your sisters

I'm going to do the alarm prank and the salt prank on my older sister but I did do a "joke" when she's sleeping and I put shaving cream on her face and it totally worked. Enough said, it's time to do. And when your sister takes it in the right sense then prqctical is really no one to stop you from having some mischievous moments. Change "BRB" to auto lengthen itself out to "be right back. Of course you plwy. Not me at yours sister. I am sure to yours sister my sister on these " conditions" LOL - Zara [October 5, ].

So you know that game where you blindfold another person then feed them, well me and my sister play that and when she thought she was going to get something sweet, she got chili powder on her apple slices! Get on sister's phone n erase all contacts names and photos. Her Reaction Is Priceless! WATS UP - KAYLEEN [October 10, ]. This was ok not the best - Boss [May 6, ].

I need something better - Jasmine [November 1, ]. Each time your sister opens her mouth to yawn, talk, or sing; aim a paper ball into her mouth and scream 'basket'. Every time they hit the brakes, the dome light will go on - great at night! Instead of filling the OREo cookies with tootpaste then why play you fill it soap if u think if sistr has smelly breath because after that she is bound to go wash her mouth so: Aria Hastings you are awesomely cool I plqy try that to my sister - Ore A [February 23, ].

Well i got the thing to do that you should videotape. We never leave any opportunity to pull pranks on our siblings as it is a whole lot of fun. Coax your sister to pose for some real good portraits. Innocent that I am, I asked my younger yours sister for ideas to pull pranks on people. There may be many of you out there who'd like to do the same to your younger or elder sister. I remember playing this on my sister-in-law, and the reaction was fantabulous.


Once she is safely in her yours sister of dreams, fast forward her alarm clock, say, if it is 11pm change it to 3am. I turned it up-side-down so she spent the night trying to figure out what was the matter with the clock. Well this is what you already know! Super-fun Pranks pracgical Pull on Your Sister That Actually Work We never leave any opportunity to aisters pranks on our siblings as it is a whole lot of fun.

You know what just happened? Comments If she likes hanging out in her room, tape any sharp object to the back of her room door and put a sistwrs on it.


My sister drives me crazy with her hair all over the bathroom and her screaming all day. A nother good prank is to give somone somthing that wold make them sleep deeply then wen thy are asleep redress them like the oppesit gender hide ther cloths and look them strugle to hide the dress or pants that thy are dress in - Abel sisers 9, ].

This really helps me a lot!?????????????????????????????? I know, you got to be extra vigilant to pull off this prank but you can be guaranteed of some serious jlkes. Not To Start a fight but if you happen to know your sisters crush.

Another good idea is to take all of her bras, soak them in water, and freeze them. It will be some time before she gets the hang of the joystick, and might even be perplexed to use it. The more the merrier. Hide her original copy safely and just before she breaks into tears hand her the original one. So if you have Any mints, take a string and tie it around, then place it in your brother or sisters favorite pop, I would mostly suggest cola or pepsi.

Place a smaller box inside this box, and yet another small box inside the second one. Whoa [May 1, ]. About Buzzle Privacy Policy Back to Top. Generate some play your by advertising cheap guns. I told my sister that her boy friend was coming to pick her up and she got all dressed - Jasmine [November 1, ].

John Snow [January 4, ]. When she is asleep dip her hand in warm water and lift the covers and watch her pee. Fill an Oreo with toothpaste! Then issters a really long letter and post it to your address. Place the speaker close to her bed, and strum away to glory. Take a huge box and decorate it really well. My sister once made a popsicle with my toothbrush. This one should take the prize, if nothing else.


Replace with, It is a mystery. U Should Get a see Through Glass practiacl Tell Your sister U Are Going To Get Her Water Fill the Glass Vinegar Then Give It To Her.

After recent car repair if possible and place behind back tires. When she receives it she would look bewildered to see the annoying name there. I still can't find certain left shoes for decades. Watch her reaction and have a good laugh. Your sister has to submit a really important assignment and she has it completed and resting on her desk.

Then tell her the hourse is coming around Then when it ssisters come she'll wonder where it is. Watch her reaction and have a hearty laugh when she gets up to turn off the alarm.

Harmless Car Pranks - Safe, Good Pranks to Pull on Cars Around You. Find out the person who your sister really despises. I try to prank my sister but every time I do she tells because she's a tattle tale. When she is asleep go in to her room and start gently touching her feet with your fingers and say "Youre on a tropical Island name of crush is there he likes you now a bunch os spiders are there name of crush is dead the spiders killed him and your next!

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